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Sports Bodies and Gyms affiliated with SMISS

SMISS Sports Bodies and Gyms will be among the protagonists of progress in the field of private health, entering the great opportunity, also economic, of Telemedicine.

Sportsmen today are well aware of all the factors that affect their performance, including: respiratory capacity, correct posture, healthy and adequate nutrition, correct cardio-circulatory function and so on. On the other hand, those who are not sporty but care about their health today know well how important a healthy and controlled physical activity is together with other healthy practices of general well-being, to keep their body and mind in top shape.

SMISS makes it quick and easy prevention in gyms

The last two years have made EVERYONE understand the fundamental concept of HEALTH and the disturbing awareness of not being able to protect it adequately with the National Health System: lack of facilities, shortage of health personnel, interminable waiting queues have made the “right to prevention and health ”of our fellow citizens.

Thanks to a system that brings together dynamic professional nurses, a pool of specialist doctors and powerful telemedicine techniques, SMISS overturns this aspect by making it simple, fast and highly professional (following the ministerial guidelines) the approach to prevention, treatment and management of health of Italians; especially those who go to sports centers and gyms.

The Sports Center acquires more prestige and greater authority than its competitors.

The sports center who will enter the SMISS world will obtain:

  • The rapid issuance of certificates of non-competitive sports fitness.
  • The analysis and control over time of the athletes’ body composition.
  • Constant nutritional advice for the most suitable diet for each athlete.
  • Postural evaluation, necessary to optimize training and results.
  • ECG to monitor cardiac health and performance.
  • Pneumological evaluation with spirometry.
  • BLSD certificate update.

For more information:

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